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Sarah and Tom were delighted when they found out they were having a baby girl. They were both employed, healthy and looking forward to a family life. Neither had Life Insurance, they didn’t think it was necessary. Sarah was 25 and Tom was 28, both healthy – what was the need?

Devastatingly, when their baby Charlotte was 19 months old Tom died in a car accident and Sarah was left alone, working with a small baby.

Sarah explains ‘I basically survived in a commissioned job sending Charlotte to nursery where my basic salary only paid for nursery and my rent. Child benefit covered the council tax and every other bill went on my credit card. I prayed every single month that I hit target to earn a bonus just to clear the credit card balance so I could do exactly the same the following month! I lived that life until Charlotte was at school and nursery was no longer an expense. Looking back I have no idea how I managed’

Life Insurance does not need to be a large expense per month and of course none of us would ever like to think of something happening to the one we love, but the fact is, unfortunately it happens and the difference this money could make to your life moving forward with children is extensive.

Life Insurance

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